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What causes a diastema (teeth gap)?
The piece of skin that attaches the upper portion of your top gum to your upper lip is called the frenulum. Some people’s frenulum is much lower than others and this results in separated upper teeth because of the constant pressure applied by this piece of skin. This peculiarly low frenulum is the reason for the majority of teeth gaps.

Why is it important to close your teeth gap?
A large teeth gap can end up causing tooth misalignment, which can lead to increasingly crooked teeth (we refer to a large teeth gap as being larger than 2.5mm). Most people’s front teeth gaps are smaller than 3.5mm and easily treatable with Orthofill bands. Another consequence of not closing a teeth gap can occur when the teeth become misaligned which can then have negative and lasting effects on the jaw and occlusion.

Why do people have to wait until they have their adult teeth to use braces or Orthofill bands?
In the case of kids or young teenagers, the teeth haven’t fully formed yet and will generally move during the maturation process. This can cause teeth gaps which will eventually close by themselves once the teeth reach maturity. In the case of young teenagers the apparition of molars helps to push the front teeth towards the front and helps close the teeth together and fix the gapped teeth naturally.

Are bonding, porcelain veneers and other cosmetic dental treatments good alternative to close my gapped teeth?
These are often successful alternatives but you end up having false teeth and, in many cases, the same results could have been achieved with Orthofill bands. These cosmetic alternatives are also more expensive and particularly intrusive to treat such a minor problem. For example in the case of bonding, the teeth are first sanded, bonds made out of a resin are placed on the teeth, sculpted and finally hardened with a light. This then leaves you with non-natural teeth while a minor orthodontic band correction could of achieved the same aesthetic result.

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