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It’s safe and secure

The Orthofill Bands are FDA approved and have been
specifically developed in dental laboratories by
orthodontic professionals to provide an adapted
solution targeted only for gapped teeth.


It’s easy as 1,2,3

The Orthofill bands are the first alternative for closing a
tooth gap without orthodontic braces. The bands provide
a calculated and gradual pressure on the teeth to ensure a
safe and permanent gap closure.


Loving Orthofill

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No new gaps created

The motion of teeth is not linear thus as your teeth come
come together a pressure will be created on your gums
which will cause your teeth arch to contract so
no new gap should appear.


Before and After Orthofill Cases

Subject: Thomas Barnes
Age: 48
Treatment Length: 52 days

Thomas had been suffering from a diastema since birth and had always wanted to close his teeth gap but was reluctant to wear braces for a year. He chose Orthofill and sent us his before and after pictures.


Subject: Jeffrey Patrick
Age: 28
Treatment Length:65 days

Jeffrey’s gap was about 3.4mm wide which is the largest size gap treatable by Orthofill. He had never received orthodontic treatment and was referred to us by his friend who was also a satisfied customer.


Subject: Linda Stillman
Age: 24
Treatment Length: 46 days

Linda’s gap had reopened from not having worn her retainer properly after having had braces for a year. The cost of new braces was too high for her so she purchased Orthofill and sent us her treatment pictures.


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Why Our Customers love Orthofill?

Our thousands of satisfied customers have chosen Orthofill because it has provided them with a professional, proven and effective solution for closing their teeth gap permanently without any side effects. The technology behind Orthofill is innovative, developed by dental professionals and based on the same process as conventional braces. As in the case of braces, the Orthofill bands apply a constant pressure on the teeth to slowly move them in the desired direction. The difference is that conventional braces are used to treat any orthodontic case (major or minor) and Orthofill is developed specifically to close a minor teeth gap.

There are several advantages for choosing Orthofill over conventional braces. The first advantage is that Orthofill works much faster than braces and will take from 2 to 5 weeks for the initial phase and only an additional 4 weeks for the final phase (normally less than 2 months in total). Traditional braces can take from 9 months to 2 years to achieve the same results. This greater length of time is due to the fact that braces are only adjusted once a month; therefore the effective moving pressure is only renewed once a month. Orthofill bands provide a safe and calculated pressure renewed on a daily basis. This permits time for the teeth to safely settle in their new position and eventually close your teeth gap permanently. The second advantage is that Orthofill bands are clear and almost invisible which makes them less intrusive and more cosmetically pleasing. The third advantage is the low cost of Orthofill which is also backed by a complete, no questions asked money back guarantee.

Orthofill will be your solution for permanently closing your teeth gap if you follow these usage guidelines:

  •    Your gap is 3.5mm or smaller
  •    You are not moving fake teeth
  •    You start by wearing the bands a maximum of 12 hours a day until your gap is closed (2 to 5 weeks)
  •    You then wear the bands 24 hours a day for 30 consecutive days to ensure the movement is permanent.
  •    You do not miss more than 2 days during the process.

Orthofill bands are made with a premium grade elastic polymer and are the result of years of testing. We invite you to consult your dentist before using them or ask us any question directly, it will be our pleasure to promptly assist you and respond to your inquiries.

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