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1. How long should I wear the Orthofill bands on my teeth?

A small gap (smaller than 2.7mm) will take you 5-20 days to close and a large gap (larger than 2.7mm) will take 21 to 60 days. Please make sure you wear the bands for 30 days after your gap is fully closed to ensure the gap is closed permanently.

2. Will Orthofill straighten my teeth?

Orthofill was specifically designed to close a diastema (teeth gap). Unfortunately braces will be needed to fix any other orthodontic issues.

3. When should I stop using Orthofill?

You should wear them as long as it takes to pull your teeth together. If you stop wearing them and the gap reappears repeat treatment. Yes, try not pushing the band all the way to the top of your gum line.

4. Will this create new gaps in my teeth?

The motion of teeth is not linear thus as your teeth come together a pressure will be created on your gums which will cause your teeth arch to contract so no new gap should appear. If you start to notice a new gap forming use Orthofill on that gap and this will fix the problem.

5. Once my gap has closed can it reappear?

We recommend you to wear the Orthofill band for about a month after your gap is closed to ensure that your teeth remain in their position. If your teeth had not yet settled into position it is possible that the gap will reappear. If that happens just repeat the treatment and be sure to wear it for some time afterward. You can also ask an orthodontist to glue a small wire to the back of your front teeth to make sure they don't move again.

6. Is Orthofill for everyone?

We do not recommend this treatment for people under 16, because the teeth structure is in development or people with delicate or crooked teeth.

7. Can retainers be used to close gaps in teeth?

Retainers are meant to hold the teeth in places once moved by orthodontic appliances. They cannot be used to close a diastema.

8. What happens if I swallow the bands?

There is absolutely no risk if you swallow the bands. It will simply pass in your next bowel movement, in the same way a chewing gum would.

9. How many bands come in a box?

You will receive 100 Orthofill bands in your package. You probably will not use all of them but make sure to wear the bands a full 30 days after your gap closes to make sure the new position is permanent and your gap does not re-open.

10. Will the bands weaken my teeth or damage them?

If you use Orthofill as directed they will not weaken or damage your teeth and are safe. However if you have had previous teeth problems we suggest you to consult your dentist before using Orthofill.

11. Can your product work for closing gaps on a bottom set of teeth not top?

You can definitely use Orthofill to close gaps on the bottom of your teeth. The process is the same and thousands of our customers have successfully closed their gap this way.

12. Do you deliver to the UK and other international locations?

We deliver to any country around on a daily basis. Our shipping and handling rate is standard at 7$ USD.

13. My adult teeth have not fully developed yet can I still use the bands?

You should wait until your adult teeth are fully grown in before using Orthofill. Chances are that your gap will close by itself when your new adult teeth are fully formed.

14. Can it close any teeth gap or just the front two teeth?

Orthofill is made to close a diastema (open space between the upper incisors) but it can also be used to close other gaps in the teeth. If you have more than one gap we suggest you to focus on one at a time.

15. What are the most amounts of teeth the band should go around?

You should wear Orthofill on two at a time. Some people wear the bands on 4 teeth with success but we do not advise it.

The Orthofill bands are made out of which material?

The bands are specially designed orthodontic elastics made with a patented premium grade elastic polymer, which contains no latex, is tasteless and c

17. What if one of the front teeth is a bridge? Do the bands still work?

We do not suggest the use of Orthofill around teeth with bridges.

18. I would like to know what happens if it doesn't work?

We offer a 100% money back guarantee for your convenience. This means that we take all the risk for you. The reason we are able to offer such a warranty is that our refund rate is under 1%.

19. Is there any special toothpaste I need while wearing the bands?

You do not need to use a special toothpaste while wearing the bands. We suggest you to brush and floss your teeth regularly to facilitate the use of bands.

20. Is it normal that my gap re-opens while I'm not wearing my bands?

Yes, that is perfectly normal and expected. Teeth have to move very gradually and constantly adapt to their new position. Your gap will seem like it is closing very quickly but you will need to keep repeating the process until your gap stays closed for 12 straight hours withing wearing the bands. After this milestone has been met, you can proceed to phase 2 of the process which involves wearing the bands 24 hours a day for at least 30 consecutive days to ensure the new position of the teeth stays the same and the gap remains permanently closed.

21. I'm so interested with Orthofill but I'm not sure how large is my gap. Should I buy?

If your gap is more than 3.5mm we do not recommend the usage of Orthofill. You can simply ask someone to measure the size of your gap for you with a small ruler or measuring tape.

22. Can I use Orthofill on a relatively large gap between my canines and incisors?

There is no problem in using the band on that gap. If your gap is more than 3.5mm we do not recommend the usage of Orthofill.

23. Can your product be used around teeth that have crowns?

There is no problem to use Orthofill around teeth with crowns.

24. I have multiple gaps but not next to one another. Will Orthofill work for me?

The best answer for you would be to wear the bands to close one gap at a time. In this way you will be able to focus on them. If you feel that your gaps are larger than what is recommended on our site then you should consult an orthodontist before starting the treatment.

25. Why is Orthofill a better solution than Snap on Smile?

Snap-On Smile is a temporary solution for your teeth and is not natural. Orthofill is a permanent and much less intrusive solution. Furthermore, Snap-on Smile costs approximately $1,000 to $3,000

26. Why is Orthofill a better alternative than Invisalign?

Invisalign works exceptionaly well but it is very expensive and requires multiple dentist visits. The general forces are the same but the difference is that Orthofill is spefically designed to close gap teeth and is less expensive.

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